Friday, March 29, 2019

Where to Monogram Your Leather Accessories?

I would say that there is nothing more elegant and unique than having your accessories monogrammed, this detail gives to your goods a very sophisticated ending and overall you won't be able to find it anywhere else.

They are 3 brands that I really recommend, let me get started with my most recent purchase:
A monogrammed leather case for your phone from Maison de SabrĂ© 
I remember when I found this Australian brand thanks to an add on Instagram. Personally, I love the way they label your initials (in gold colour), it accentuates everything, it's minimalistic but fancy at the same time, if something is for sure is when it comes to styling your phone, this luxurious brand is one of the best ones, I choose this one in black because I already have all my accessories in this colour and I wanted to keep it classic and uniform, plus another perk of this tone is that it doesn't get dirty as much as white or pastel ones.

These cases might not be cheap but the quality is upfront once you get the case in your hands and to me that's everything, keep reading this post because you will what I'm talking about.

The second brand I recommend it's called Lover of Luxe, I did a collaboration with them 2 years ago, and my cardholder still looks amazing.

The only thing I recommend is just to be careful on the quantity of cards you store, I usually don't put more than 7.

Last one but not least, is Case App, I collaborated with them in Summer of last year, I remember I did my own laptop and phone case in marble, but unfortunately and considering that these cases are  made out of plastic, my phone case did not survive as I'm always dropping my phone on the floor and basically everywhere...
I will totally recommend this brand if you are not like me at all, prices here are very affordable and designing your case is very simple.

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