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3 Main Hair Styling Tools

If I could only count how many different hairdo's pop into my Instagram every day I will probably never end... with technology, tutorials and especially YouTube, hair options are now infinite, all the different appliances in the market are impulsing us to purchase products as crazy!

Speaking of myself, I admit I do invest a lot of time taking care of my hair, especially styling it, I love the loose, beachy, tousled and heavy curls look, I feel they give volume and shape to my face and this is why I keep doing it.

In 2018, after trying some many hair appliances and having not the best luck with some, I got the T3 Twirl Trio, this is my favourite curler of all times, one of the things I love is that I can achieve any kind of waves from this gorgeous machine, (all their products are so aesthetic which is also another big plus) this iron curler is so easy to carry because the barrels come portable so you can basically take them any place, it can perfectly fit in your purse. (another check to the list)

Things have changed and I've learned my lesson, this 2019, I got my second product from T3, the Cura Luxe Hair Dryer, this award winner, won as one of the best beauty products in 2018 by Allure.  This distinctive hair dryer I got to say is a bomb! it comes with a volume booster switch, which is amazing! is also very lightweight and comes with 5 heat options to choose, this last thing is my favourite because none of the hair dryers I have used had that option and so I simply had no choice just to "burn" my hair literally. This is one of the many reasons why this product worth the investment.

From the T3 Accessories, they are not only very pretty, fancy looking but overall super practical! I got the Smooth Paddle and the Volume 2.5 Brush to get my set all paired, the first thing I did was a research if it was worth it or not, and thank god I got these two! first, they don't tangle your hair, second, they are not heavy to hold and keeps my hair feels amazing afterwards!

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