Sunday, August 27, 2017

Big Sleeves All Over In

Sundays in summer are the kind of free blessing we all have, I feel they simply inspire good vibes as going out, walking on the streets and wearing seasonal clothes. 
I loved this look for a Sunday, styled with the bag and the accessories because is all so delicate. The sky blue is definitely the cutest color and it also matches well with mostly everything.

 When I'm looking at dresses, I always like to analyze how many times I will be able to wear it,  by using different accessories. Versatility to me is very important, because having lots of options is essential for us to women, considering we are always doing so many things. 
 I feel this is the kind of dress that gets this kind of acceptance, I can see myself wearing it for a pool day, going for a date, buying groceries or even more elegant, with summer platforms.

 I  got this dress from the new collection of Zaful, and let me tell you guys is not only the dress itself but how comfortable it actually is!
For that day, we went to an all you can eat Korean BBQ. I can't even describe how many rolls of sushi I ate! You guys know how much food you eat while you are visiting these type of restaurants... the best thing of all is I was still being able to walk without feeling wrapped in the dress, there is no better thing than feeling comfortable and well dressed at the same time.

Thanks for reading and keep enjoying summer!
xx. Laura

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