Monday, June 20, 2016

White: Elegance of heart

Hello Ladies! I know that I probably talk about this color too much, but white is a must topic on my blog. The reason number 1. is because it involves too much things on today's life, not only on the fashion term, but also aesthetics.

Classy and simple things are always cherished. This is the finest example of the color white, since decades this color has been the protagonist into millions of runways, speaking through new collections, but besides everything establishing that this is the color that leads and inspires elegance the most.

White makes working, travelling and shopping so much easier, the fact is you can never go wrong with a piece of this pigment. Actually, I consider that this is the color that defines my style the most, is so simple and sophisticated  that is always my first option when I get to open my closet, with white you are able to create anything for any occasion like from going to a meeting or going to a party on a Friday night. 

White has been part on most collections of every fashion designer.. white lace, white satin.. white everything! and  have you heard white is the new black? Well.. Yes, 2016 has been a year of neutrals and pastels, but also a boom in every white piece.

They call white the color of perfection, the empowerment of true elegance.. its all about white! You can never go wrong with it.

So planning on going out in a white everything look? Here are 5 tips you need to read before you go and seek your closet out!

1. Start by Matching your whites! If you find a skirt and a blouse try to mix all your whites in order to play with your look, sometimes you can fall into the mistake of getting your outfit to look boring.

2. Accessories are a must, but don't exaggerate.. In this case I've always said that less is more, if you want to stand out your outfit do in a delicate way, extravagance is a big no no.

3. Mix textures! I love seeing people getting creative with their looks, having fun while you are getting ready is essential so you can try your closet a billion times! haha, please make sure you are getting the outfit that you are proud of matching, imagine a white canvas and start playing out!

4. Shoes and clutch are decisive! I love all white everything between my clothes, but no between these two, adding neutrals in this case will give your outfit a positive twist.

5. Your hair, make up and specially your lips needs to stand out too! Waves are my favorite when I decide to wear white, the reason is because when I wear this color I try to be the most versatile as possible.

Trying to look different and breaking monotony is so possible whenever you wear white, so go and set up your all white everything look and you will find it out.

Keep in mind that white is a classic color that you can combine with every single piece so try to play with your imagination!

Wishing you all an outstanding and positive week!!
xx, Laura

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  1. Love his white-on-white look . You pulled it off so well and the pieces you picked are just perfect!


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