Monday, December 12, 2016

Pastels Streetstyle

You guys cannot imagine how much I was desiring to have a pastel pink coat in my closet. I've always been that kind of girl, who opts mostly for neutral items as black, write and grey, but for this time I was looking for something totally different. Specifically, I wanted to discover other styles by experimenting with different colors. I ordered the coat in size M, it's has the water resistance quality just on point for bipolar weathers as in Vancouver.

The color is not only delicate, but also very bright. It really inspires me, because it reminds me of feminine beauty. Feeling identified and comfortable with the garments that you're wearing is so important. Once you are able to feel this, you can scatter your own magic! Being confident on what you are wearing can highlight your days in so many ways. Our mind is so powerful that when we are walking with an item we love, it's so perceptible.

It's great to mention all the ways that we can wear this pastel coat with different pieces and accessories, starting with various types of scarves as also jeans and pants. Personally I recommend to combine this casual look with the white pant combo. I loved these two colors combined plus is so elegant and proper at any time of the day.

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Wish you all a great weekend!

                                                                                                   This post was in collaboration with VIPme



  1. Wow! I love the coat. The color is so pretty. It's definitely a great statement piece. :)

  2. Lovely pink blush jacket! I like this urban chic outfit :)

  3. Love how you style the coat! And I'm obsessed with this shade of pink! ❤


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