Monday, December 10, 2018

On A Budget: Beauty Products You Should Get Under $20.00

So what I ended up getting?
Masks and more masks! I really enjoy pampering my skin while I’m cooking or watching movies, I like to use my time wisely. I also like to use them because after using makeup I feel the skin needs an extra fuel and this is a good source to get that.

I ordered the following face masks:
The Purifying Charcoal Mask, this one is perfect when you want clear your skin from all the impurities you get throughout the day, it has a good smell and I usually leave it for 15 to 20 mins on my face.

The Suck'Em Out Charcoal Blackhead Face Peel-Off, I've always wanted to try this one because of the reviews this product has and yes it does the job! it's funny because I actually made my brother and sister-in-law to give them a try and they loved it too.

The Jeju Volcanic Pore Clay Mask, my absolute favourite because it makes your pores look way better! I usually use it after I exfoliate my skin, prob 1-2 times per week, it's a life changing mask.

Now, for makeup 
I liked the Poreless Elf Primer down below, I feel it do helps my makeup to last longer plus I also order the Ultra High Definition Mineral Translucent Powder, personally I do not know how I did not use this before, I love the matte finish that it gives to my makeup and it's good that I ordered these products together.

On the other side, 
I got the Pimple Master Patch from Cosrx, I was trying to see if it was as good as the Mario Badescu one I have. This one I would definitely recommend it just for travelling because is super portable, plus is only 5.00 dollars! It does help don’t get me wrong, but I feel the MB acts faster than the stickers.

Lastly, I got the Blackhead Power Liquid from Cosrx, I got it because I read before that it has been clinically proved to reduce the blackheads formation! to me that's amazing because I get these on my nose and it's such a pain!
So I've been testing it for the last 7 days and I like it because it do helps plus I have never seen this product before in the drug stores, Cosrx is actually a Korean brand with a good reputation on the market and totally on a budget so this is def. something you will want to give a try.

Thank you all for reading!
x. Laura

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