Tuesday, December 11, 2018

A Day in Winter Wonderland

Besides Spring, there's no season that could ever get more spectacular than this. I got to say visiting Grouse Mountains was definitely something that I would do a couple of times.
For a family trip, a date or for simply going by yourself it's something breathtaking, from day to night time, everything here is incredible, each station has a theme, my favourite one was the north pole and yes you can also ice skate!

If you really like to feel the Christmas spirit then you should definitely come to Grouse. We came on a Saturday morning, got a really good breakfast and a great venti coffee before coming up to the mountain, getting a good fuel was essential for resisting the cold! Thanks to the good weather my boyfriend and I captured some really good shots that I will share with all of you down below.

As a recommendation, make sure to be dressed comfortable.. a good pair of winter boots, globes and a make sure to wear a couple of layers underneath! I got approx. 4 layers under this black puffy jacket and thanks god I did!

x. Laura


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