Monday, December 24, 2018

5 Simple and Meaningful Ideas for Mom This Christmas

Hi Guys!
This post is very special to me because I love my mom so much, I always start looking for ideas since July.. no kidding.
I thought to share with you some ideas, really on a budget, very special and I'm 100% sure your mom will love, at the end the most important thing is to give her the best and it this doesn't needs to be something crazy expensive but something that will get her heart.

So let's get started!
1. A meaningful jewelry piece 
This is personally one of my favourites, it's a Tiffany necklace very simple yet meaningful.
Get it here: Mom Tag Charm

2. A photo album with the best memories with you and her
This is a simple yet beautiful gift that will melt your mom's heart, speaking for myself that I live far away from my parents, I feel that pictures are always the thing that brings back the best memories once captured.
The cutest thing is that she always keeps remembering when we Facetime how much she loves seeing this album at least once per week.
3. A great Skincare set -  a nice eye cream is needed, I'll tell you why!
When mother's pass the age of 40 they get crazy about skincare and especially the under eye creams, this include fillers, moisturizers and serums! whatever they see on the market that's well branded they will purchase it, this is always a well thought gift, especially from girl-to-girl, at the end at some point we will reach this age no matter what, so we obviously understand.

Brand I recommend:

4. Plan a getaway with her for a weekend
Giving her a well spent weekend with you or the whole family in some place different than home is always an incredible gift during the holidays plus you get to share more quality moments when you are away rather than if you just stay home. Little things like these are well appreciated for someone who deserves so much.

5. My favourite.. a hand written letter and a good bouquet of flowers
Expressing words that sometimes we can't put into actions or gifts are a always great idea to remind your mom how much you love her and how important she is in your daily life. 
Since I was a little girl, my siblings and I created the tradition of giving a handwritten letter in any special occasion.. she has saved all these letters through the years and it's such a fun thing to read them when we are all together.

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