Wednesday, October 24, 2018

Dressing Extra During Fall Without Purchasing a Thing

 First of all, let me tell you guys that doing street-style shots can be quite dangerous sometimes! but well... I got to say that I really got inspired last night with WGSN seasonal forecasts while I was deciding what to wear for a long and busy Sunday.
In fact, all the the pieces from this look are all recycled from my closet... I didn't purchased a thing. One of the things I really enjoy to do is to organize my closet every 2 months because I love to get rid of the things that I know I'm not going to wear anymore, this also allows me to get inspired and to create new looks with the things I forgot I owned, I love love to be bold upon colours and textures, mix and matching these two can be very fun, especially for Fall and Winter! I would say these are the perfect seasons for that, now that we can style so many looks with layers over layers and get to look so fab;

Another plus of doing this is that we get to save so much money and it also lets us focus on the things that we really need for the season, I love listing my outfit ideas while I found inspiration in other websites like Pinterest, I've mentioned in the past how obsessed I'm with it, specially when I'm looking for new trends, runway looks and designer collections I seek for all these to visualize myself for future outfits.

To be honest, I do not like matching jeans with basic tops I always feel there are greater ideas to pull an outfit than just a regular pair of jeans and a basic coloured top, this is why I decided to add colours and textures together. 
Blazers are a great accessory to make your outfit stand out no matter what, in this case I wanted to add a spice to my look pulling the gold belt with the feathers shirt.

Thanks for Reading!
x. Laura


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  1. Such a creative look! I've enjoyed recreating my own looks using items already in my wardrobe, love elevating an outfit with accessories or some texture. You've pulled this off really well :)


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