Tuesday, October 2, 2018

5 Things To Stay Thin and Fit

Hi everyone!
I wanted to share this post because I've been asked quite a lot on how do I keep to stay thin when "I'm always eating"

I always remember back in the day how much junk food I used to eat and never gain a pound, now, things have taken a twist in 360. I admit that I got the skinny and tall prototype thanks to both of my parents, even though and to be honest, I've discovered how my body, mind and even self-esteem have changed since I modified my habits into a more healthy lifestyle and I've discovered through this time that everything is about balance.

There is no rocket science about this, just determination, setting goals and seeing results. 
These are my 5 main tips that I recommend you guys if you are planning on starting a fit journey:

- 1. Boost your energy levels with exercise

Starting is the hardest believe me, but once you get into this lifestyle you won't get back in to your old habits, It has been 3 years now that I started eating healthy, I go to the gym everyday at 5:00am. I train in Steve Nash Clubs here in Canada and I love it! I get to try different routines and classes every week like cycling, tabata, power beats and many other classes that keep me away from the routine and so my body, doing this every morning boosts my energy throughout the day, I always have so many things going on and this is the best starter to hectic and busy days. 

-  2. Try to never skip breakfast!

 If people would know how vital is the first meal of the day they wouldn't skip it. I remember I used to have a lot of cravings during the night and I discovered it was because I wasn't having the right amount of nutrients to start my day with energy. Always remember to include 1 protein, 1 carb, 1 source of fat and fruits... those muffins, pastries that they sell in Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, Tim Hortons, etc.. are so loaded in flour and definitely not a good breakfast!

- 3. Keep snacking as your new motto

I always have snacks inside my bag and the reason is sometimes I don't get to be home all the time, so I take a lot of things with me: apples, homemade waffles, protein bars, truffle balls (I'll share this recipe soon) 

- 4. Organize your time and so your meal preps

From Monday to Friday I try to stay away from restaurants even if they claim to be healthy, I only trust when I'm cooking my own things to be honest.
Now speaking of these restaurants, they do use healthy ingredients but not in the right amounts so sometimes it turns out better to eat a burger than a salad because they add so much fat percentages to one single salad! to set an example: A greek salad: they add feta cheese + walnuts + the dressing, the protein (which is unknown where they get it from) so this is the point, I prefer a thousand times to set a time around the week to prep my own meals, I guarantee that this will make a huge difference and so to your pocket!

-  5. And stay on the move

I know how hard can be this specially if you work in an office (it happens to me too), but there are always little tricks that you can adapt, like forget to take the elevator, walk instead or try to stand for an hour rather than to be working from a chair. I recommend The Carrot app, it counts your steps daily, they set a daily goal and they give you rewards like special discounts and movie theatre tickets, plus you compete with your friends, it's really fun and it's free!

This journey is such a wonderful thing, hope this turns useful for you!

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