Monday, October 1, 2018

Fit Recipes: Making a Delicious Carb-Wise Salad

After a well spent Sunday, starting with the right foot is more than necessary to kick off the week with the best energy and to keep yourself motivated.
Actually, my day started really early today with a cycling class in Steve Nash Clubs I ate so much over the weekend and with no regrets... it's all about balance.
When it comes to the weekend I enjoy going out and eating in restaurants, I love trying new places, but when it comes from Monday to Friday I keep myself moving with all these exercise classes and basically it makes me feel good to do this as so to eat really clean, so far so good this has worked perfectly. 
Ok so let's keep going with this yummy recipe!

These are all the things you'll need:
- A plastic/porcelain (whatever you have in a round shape)
- Lettuce or Spinach, I personally prefer the lettuce because is more crunchy, but the spinach has more nutritional benefits so whatever you prefer is good. For the quantity try to add as much as you like because this makes a lot of volume a not many calories.
- A Protein Source: in this case I added Tofu and the way I cooked is just: Soya sauce, Salt and Pepper.. all raw.
- A Carb: as this recipe is really wise in carbs, I added whole-multigrain croutons, I would say like 5 to 6 croutons are enough and what I do is that I chopped them in 2 so it makes the bowl look fuller.
- Toppings: This part is all about preferences, but usually I like to add: Italian Tomatoes, beets, Sesame seeds and Roasted carrots.
- A Source of Fat: Goat cheese, but you can add olive oil, avocado, cheese, etc. Make sure to add just one source of any of these options.
- How about the dressing? again, this all depends on your taste. I added teriyaki sauce because it makes it sweeter and I love that on a salad. 

...that's all, super easy, healthy and delicious!
Hope this recipe turns useful for you 
x. Laura

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