Wednesday, September 26, 2018

Out of My Comfort Zone: Styling a Bralette During Fall

I own too much black... said no one ever.  I got super excited of creating this monogrammed yet classic look for a whole day visit in Victoria. This look I got to say is great for transitioning from day to night, specially because I was traveling and I didn’t wanted to go back home just to change so I pulled an eye catching outfit with gold accessories (my favourite!) and a big pouch bag,  which I'm so thrilled because they are coming back on trend! I’ve seen a lot of NYFW and PFW shows styling them a lot. So make sure to keep them with you.  

 I must admit that I got out of my comfort zone with this look specially with the laced bralette, but that's what I've been doing lately... experiencing new trends and I've been liking that a lot! pairing everything with black, I mean.. you can't go wrong, right? The black trousers, black pouch and basically black everything, I got to say it was definitely a well made decision to welcome this new season.


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