Monday, September 17, 2018

5 Brands you Need to Shop in Sephora

1. Drunken Elephant
The first thing that it caught my eye was their colourful packaging and off course their name, so I started my research and reading some reviews. I decided to give it a try first to their Day Serum, which I've been loving because the smooth texture and amazing moisture that it leaves on my face for at least 6 hours. I got to admit that the smell is not the most pleasant thing, but the truth is that pure Vitamin C doesn't smells nice. This Serum does the work better than I expected and it keeps your skin looking bright and alive.

2. Cover FX
I've been using the Power Play foundation for the last 6 months and I love to use it for going out at night or specially when I know I will have a long day because it literally lasts all day long! plus it's a full coverage foundation. I would say this is for dry to mixed skin because it can be a little bit oily after several hours once applied.
3. Youth To The People
I have used many of their products and these two are the best of all, I started with their Kale Cleanser which I didn't like because it caused my a lot of breakouts, my skin is super sensitive so I stopped using this one, but then I decided to give these two a try because their amazing ingredients, all natural. When I'm using a skincare product, the less chemicals the best. Always keep in mind to read the ingredients on the box and do your research before purchasing any product, I've found that so many products produce second effects that we don't see right away.
I usually use them both before going to bed and I like so much how smooth my skin feels the next day.

4. Origins
I got to say that all the products that I've tried from this brand has never disappointed me, first my favourite of all: the High-Potency Night-a-Mins leaves your face with the greatest moisture, the smell is amazing and I use it every single day during winter, it's leaves your skin super silky and soft for the next day.
If you suffer from hormonal breakouts their Clear improvement mask is a bliss for your skin, it dries your pimples and it control the sebum in your face so you definitely breakout less.
These products are not the cheapest ones, but definitely a great investment, you will see the results in less than a month.

5. Dior
The story behind this product below is kind of funny because I was not even going to buy it, I didn't thought that this micro-infused lotion was going to be that amazing until I decided to apply it in my hand when I was in the Dior counter.
The effect was immediate, to start, the texture that it left for 2 hours was like baby skin! incredibly soft and such a luxurious smell for your face... it made me buy it and thanks god I did.
The thing that I really love about Dior beauty is how long all their products tend to last, I've used their blush for at least 7 months and it still looks like new and same thing with the lotion below.

Hope this turns useful for you, if you have any other recommendations please let me know!
I'm a total skincare junkie.
x. Laura

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