Tuesday, September 25, 2018

Best Spots and Restaurants to Visit in Victoria, BC

Now that my little sister just moved to Victoria, I guess I'll start coming more often than I used to. Before was just my brother and my sister in law, but now that she is there I'll keep going and coming more. To be honest I'm so happy about it, Victoria is such a charming and beautiful city; the people, the architecture, the history gives me a lot of joy whenever I'm visiting.
Since I've been there a couple of times of now, I decided to list all my favourite spots, including streets, restaurants and hotels that you def. need to visit if you are local or just visiting around BC.

Let me know if you also have any recommendations, I love trying new places when I'm also visiting!
x. Laura
1. The Parliament
I listed this as the first and most mandatory stop, there's so much history in this place! 

Before coming here, I read how popular were the flowers, now, I can understand why!
 This is all in the same area of the parliament.

2. For Lunch or Dinner, I recommend you guys Canoe Brewpub, 450 Swift St. 
Pizza's and salads are amazing! Plus the place inside and out is on another level! 
3. Chinatown
I feel this street is so architectural and so great for taking pictures, the colours and all the details make this place a must stop as well

All the Fairmont's hotels I've been in my life are gorgeous and this one is not the exception.
 I recommend you guys the afternoon tea for the sweet tooth and also to visit Q at the Empress is a lovely restaurant with a great service, they gave us a starter a charcoal popcorn (I've never seen this before but was so good!) plus the elegant-modern decor inside this place is one of my favourite things.

5. Jam's Cafe for Brunch
We have this restaurant in Vancouver and I got to say there's no place that serves a brunch as good as them.
The prices are really good for the quantity served, the plates are enormous!
5. The Butchart Gardens in Spring
Personally, I've never been into a place more beautiful than this.
I remembered the time I visited  this garden with my parents and I was shocked of how amazing and perfect nature can be.
Plan ahead a reservation at their restaurant, they are only open in this season! is such an amazing place with great view, music and food.
in 554 Pandora Ave, Victoria, B.C.
If you are looking for a vegan and healthy spot this is a restaurant you must go. I recommend the sweet potato wrap (down below), is heavenly good! Also I heard they have all-day breakfast & lunch.
7. Lastly, but no least: UVIC
This is my siblings university and I got to say this university doesn't look like a university because is so pretty! I mean look the picture below

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