Saturday, September 8, 2018

How To Style The Crop Top Trend

I got to admit that back in the day, I use to hate crop tops because I had the idea that they looked cheap in most of the cases.
Later on, I started to research a little bit more of crop- tops in runways and then I found out, that I didn't hate them, I just hated the way that they were paired it with.

There is always a thin line of looking chic and classy or vulgar and sassy, and before wearing a crop top you need to get clear in mind what kind of look you want to style.
Personally, I feel crop tops look amazing with high waisted pieces plus they will make you slimmer! it could be matched either with a skirt, pants or shorts, I would not recommend a crop-top with low-cut jeans/shorts unless you are going to the beach or somewhere really really casual.
For this look, I went for lunch and then for a party and in both occasions I felt really well dressed, I just changed my accessories to give a different glimpse to my look.

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