Sunday, August 14, 2016

Creating The Perfect Brunch

Hello Ladies! I know how popular is the brunch thing now a days and I am a big fan of doing brunches, so today I want to share the basic things that you all need to take into consideration before making one.

1. If you're planning on hosting a brunch the first thing is to Settle your Budget, in case of making a brunch with your friends, settle a minimum quota for each person assisting or even better distribute the plates that each one needs to bring in order to have everything ready on the table.

2. How many people are planning to assist? - With that you're going plan how much food you will require.

3. Make a list. Having your budget settle plus the number of people assisting will give you an idea of how much ingredients, plates you'll need. So try to write down all the things you'll require.

Add categories to your list, this is probably the best way to organize all the things you need, Food is the first one, next beverages, decoration on the other and final things to do, as scheduling a waiter, someone who cooks for you, do your cocktails, etc.

4. What type of food you want to have, is it French, American, Italian? Setting this will let you know every ingredient you'll need and what plates you'll have to cook.

5. Put the list inside your purse! Whenever you go to the supermarket, you'll check off all the items you get inside your basket, so that you don't forget anything.

6. It's preferable to do bites of food instead of big portions, people on brunches love to taste everything.

7. There's always a huge variety of carbs and sugar pastries on brunches so please make sure of including  protein to the menu, with this I mean any type of  smoked salmon or eggs as quiche, scrambled,  omelette, any type. 

8. Beverages are also a main point, you can design an easy beverage bar including mimosas, cold chocolate, coffee and water. People have all kind of tastes so make sure to please everyone.

9. Make sure to left several things settle the night before:
  - Pastries that are already cooked,
  -Things on the fridge,
  -Table setting as plates, napkins, place cards, etc.

 This will allow you to save extra minutes, sometimes the next day we are running because people are coming  earlier than we expect so these things are very helpful.

10. Decoration is important, but food does the major thing so make sure to give your plates a lovely presentation, as also try to incorporate flowers to your table setting in order to create a harmonious environment. Pinterest here is a huge help!

I hope this is useful for you
Now go have some fun while you plan for the perfect brunch! Happy sunday lovelies



  1. OMG! Your pictures are gorgeous! :)

  2. The pictures are so beautiful. And your tips are so smart. I love hosting brunches and you make some very observations. Thank you!



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