Monday, August 29, 2016

Getting Ready For Fall

Hello Ladies! This weekend temperature has been crazy to me, I must admit that I'm not that comfortable with cold temperatures due to my forever summer weather in Colombia, here in Vancouver is obviously different, the positive side of this is the clothing that leads this type of temperatures, I love getting dressed between fall, winter and spring, getting creative between my looks is so entertaining to me. 

Recently, I received this beautiful and comfortable dress from Shein, which is perfect for fall- The color I must say is gorgeous because is very elegant for this season. Another thing to add is the comfy texture, with this dress I don't feel the need to have another blouse under or jacket, so the dress itself brings a stylish and warm look .

I like to add black accessories to polish my look even more, like the black scarf. Adding personal touches to your look turns your outfit totally unique.

Finally the extra touches that comes from having the perfect look for fall is the hair styling and your own makeup favorites.

Wish you all a good fall season!
xx. Laura
In collaboration with Shein



  1. Divine!!💕💕💕

  2. Love the dress! It is so effortless and this deep dark green is one of may favorite colors. Love how you styled it with those shorts boots. You killed this look, my dear!



  3. This color is so gorgeous for fall! I love shein, they have such awesomely affordable pieces!
    - Jessica
    Miss Moore Style

  4. The color was my favorite thing! Thank you

  5. Gorgeous dress! That color looks amazing on you and I adore those booties!


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