Saturday, November 10, 2018

How to Pull a Monochrome Look

Back in the day when I was studying fashion, I remember seeing the monochrome look trend on WGSN coming strong for the next upcoming years.
Being able to pick a color an make a statement out of it, it's definitely a gem.  

So how to pull a monochrome look together?
First thing, pick a color and stick to it. Think on 3 things, a color that you are comfortable with,  your hair and skin color. 
Second, a monochrome look can be pulled in many different ways, a nice skirt with a tee and a blazer is cool,  and don't forget the classic trouser, top and blazer look as mine, this option is more elegant, but it all depends on the occasion and what the place you are heading to.

Mix textures to make it different 
As we are talking of something visual adding a different dimension to your look it would definitely make you stand out. 

complete your look by mixing different fabrics like velvet, silk and many others, theseare ways to make your outfit look  more interesting than what others are usually used to see on the streets.

Positive things of wearing a monochrome outfit:
You can pick which parts of your body to accentuate, remember darker tones on those parts you don't want to focus and light up the ones you want to emphasize on.
want to look taller? This trend is so good on petites, it helps to streamline your look and give the illusion of height. 
The darker the color.. the better! dark colors works best as they make you look leaner and with this... taller!

Thank you all for reading! 
xx. Laura

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