Sunday, January 15, 2017

Irresistible Me Hair Curler Review


Good Morning girls! I’m so excited to share today this new product which I’m currently obsessed with, even though I feel that it is important to make clear that besides sharing different kind of collabs, I only promote the brands and products that I love and if I don’t like what they have I would rather not participate. With this being said, several days ago, I tried the IrresistibleMe Moonstone Curler. When it comes to my hair, considering the fact my hair is very straight, waves are an easy way to give volume and a very polished look.  I love to have a different hairdo especially on the weekends and special festivities like Christmas, new years, my birthday, etc.
There are many things that I love about this curler. Some of the advantages are: it is very easy to use and light to carry. But my favorite thing so far about this product is that you have a wide array of temperatures to choose from; this turns out to be fundamental because I personally don’t like to expose my hair to crazy temperatures since its damaging in the long run and neither should you!
My second positive point on the Moonstone is that after your sectioned piece of hair is ready and all curled up it rings. Even though after a while the sound might become a little bit annoying, but it is tolerable.

Finally, the thing that I love the most is it makes the curls very loose and you can also choose how loose you want your curls: (12 seconds for more defined curls, 10 in between of soft curls and waves and 8 for loose curls, more like waves), If you are the type girl who loves the perfect waves, this is the type of curler you need to get.

Thanks for reading!
 xx. Laura

 In Collaboration with Irresistible Me



  1. I love the curl it gives!! Its so gorgeous! And I think the blue color is so fun!!

  2. Really great review! I like the way it curled your hair. :)

  3. Loving this curler - it makes those gorgeous beach waves look so easy to achieve :)

  4. Your hair looks so beautiful. Love the results, laura! This is a great product recommendation!

    XX Isabel


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