Thursday, May 11, 2017

Pulling A Silk Bomber Jacket

For the first time I decided to style an outfit  using a silk bomber jacket, I didn't know how cool, fresh and well match this will turn out. The plus is that you can turn this jacket into a very elegant and sophisticated look, I personally love versatility and this bomber jacket is one of those items you can use many times and make your outfit look totally different.
Navy and silver are two great combinations, they go well together, specially if you know how to pair good accessories, this time I decided  to go with a black clutch and heel-boots.

I feel so happy to find brands that bring pieces from different designers and styles from all over the world, Couturist Canada  is one of them, I found my bomber jacket, the dress (which includes the choker) and the sunglasses. 




  1. I love this pots. You r color palette is impeccable as usual and you look so chic.
    I love the way you introduce a little color in a very subtle way.

    isabel |

  2. That silk bomber is such a chic piece to add to your collection. Love the neutral color too! ❤


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