Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Victoria & Whistler In One Week

The feeling of not setting my alarm, getting to discover new restaurants, finding new places and having family time is everything...Weekends like these is what I call a bliss.
What I love the most is to get to capture all these moments that makes me always to remember great things, at the end what matters the most is the quality time of having the people that I love. 

In all these trips, my parents get the role of photographers which is kind of funny, because they are clueless on how to use a camera. All these hilarious things are what makes such great memories, it doesn't matter where ever you go, but the people who are with you.

Victoria and Whistler are two opposite places. Victoria is a gorgeous city surrounded by flowers and also an amazing european architecture.While, Whistler is more like the north-pole kind of city very cute and very cold.. it made me feel like those christmas movies, which throw me back directly to my childhood memories.

They were all great moments.. full of ice cream, food and definitely so much joy.

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