Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Perfect Curls & Healthy Hair

Due to the constant use of the hair straightener and curler, I'm always looking for new ways of treating my hair better. 

An important factor to consider is to use the right shampoo for your hair type. From what I have read and what it works for me, I recommend to buy a shampoo that comes without salt, the ones that you see normally in the supermarket makes your hair super dry. Always try to look for those that will not harm your hair! another tip I have discovered is to change your shampoo at least every 2 months because your hair gets used to the same components.

Another thing I love doing is to apply a hair treatment at least once per week. This will help your hair in so many ways! Consider this more like a deep conditioner, the reason why I love this so much is that it helps to keep the hair stronger, much healthier and shiny. I usually buy the ones that hydrate and repair the hair, but if I have time I love to make them at home with natural elements like coconut oil & avocado. 

Whenever I'm going to curl my hair, I like using products that will make my waves thicker, I recently purchased the L'oreal Mousse, I recommend this one for loose waves, if you are more into well-done curls, you should get an extra strong hold hairspray. It will make your curls to last longer. 

Lastly, to give a beautiful shine to my hair I love using the Argan oil from OGX. As I have mentioned  before, I love the final glimpse it gives to my hair as well as making it easy to manage.


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