Monday, October 23, 2017

How To Make An Acai Bowl From Home

Good Morning! 
This is one of my favorite recipes to make for breakfast or as a snack. I considered this bowl as a dessert honestly. Açai is a superfood, it's delicious and it mixes perfectly with granola, hemp seeds, cheerios, etc. 

The reason why I preferred making this bowl from home, is because commercial bowls, the ones we usually buy from local spots, they tend to add crazy amounts of sugar, they are not calorie-wise, the ingredients are not the best, and the worst thing is that they are overpriced.

My favorite part of the day is breakfast, making a bowl like this will not take you longer than 12 minutes if you know what you already want to add on it.

The Process
As first things go first, the Açai is the essential ingredient. I buy it at Whole Foods, it comes frozen in a pack of 7. The brand I buy it's called Sambazon. You can check these two options here: Freeze-Dried Acai Powder & Acai Berry Pure & Unsweetened

The second part is more optional, sometimes I wake up wanting cheerios or granola, it all depends on your taste. I always make my granola from home, if you have time I totally recommend it to make it only takes 30 minutes, if not they are tons of options in every supermarket so try to check the nutrition facts before your purchase any.

The third part and last one is to add the fruits you love the most, I usually put half of the banana, 3 chopped strawberries, blueberries and concord grapes. I also love to add a spoon of peanut butter, right now I'm obsessed with this chocolate hazelnut butter: Justin's, it tastes like Nutella. Lastly, I love putting shredded coconut and that's all! 

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