Saturday, December 23, 2017

Breakfast Ideas For Christmas

Christmas is my favorite time of the year, I love playing and creating delicious and healthy breakfasts, not only for fun but to keep the feeling of Christmas around me and my family. 
The following recipes are very simple and delightful for all ages!

Extra Chocolate Pancakes
Believe it or not, this recipe is healthy! 
I made the pancakes with these ingredients:
1/3 whole wheat flour, 2 white eggs, 2 spoons of cacao, 1 little spoon of baking soda & stevia.
Making the chocolate topping sauce for two:
For this delicious topping you will only need: 
Peanut butter, dark chocolate, cacao, sugar-free syrup & stevia.
The first thing to add is 2 tsp of cacao, Then you will add 2 tsp of the sugar-free syrup, 1 spoon of peanut butter, stevia and dark chocolate (as you prefer) then I melt the sauce on the microwave and lastly I add a little bit of water to give the consistency of a sauce.

Brownie Margarita
This is a heavenly combination for those ones who love sweets, in just 5 minutes you can make a well-done breakfast for hosting people at your place or for yourself.
How to make it: you can use any cup or glass you have at home, the first thing I always do is to cut the strawberries and bananas to add them first with the candy canes mints (I chopped them into little pieces) , I wanted to make a Christmas breakfast, in case you don't like them you can replace them with marshmallows and chocolate chips. The second step is to chop the brownie into little squares and then add the yogurt, for this recipe I used greek yogurt. Lastly, is the decor, my favorite part because here is when you get creative, I added mini marshmallows, white sprinkles, bananas and the best thing: the dark chocolate spoons that are beyond good!

Rudolph Berry Oatmeal
This plate is perfect for kids!
The main ingredients are Oatmeal, Chia Seeds, Vanilla Extract, Stevia, Reese's Chips & Strawberries.
How to make it: For this bowl, I added 1/3 cup of oatmeal with 1 cup of water and I let it boiled for 10 minutes, while it was boiling I added 2 little spoons of Chia seeds, Vanilla Extract and 1 Spoon of Stevia.
After I saw it got the consistency I was looking for, I put it in the bowl and I mixed with Reese's chips and then the final touch was the strawberries.

Hot-Marsh Chocolate
This is one of my favorite drinks during fall & winter, you can't escape Christmas without having one.
There are thousands of recipes and ingredients to get the perfect hot chocolate, even though I love to make it myself rather than buying, just because they are loaded with tons of sugar!
How to make it: The two main ingredients here are the Hershey's cocoa powder and the mini marshmallows, I love to heat the milk and then adding the sugar or stevia (as you prefer). Adding a little bit of cinnamon and cutting little parts of the Christmas candy canes is a great recommendation you guys should try and lastly don't forget the marshmallows! They're the best thing!

Wishing you all a great Christmas!
xx. Laura

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