Wednesday, September 4, 2019 / Vancouver, BC, Canada

I Customized This Jumpsuit Online and This Is What Happened

You guys know how much I love a white look.
Neutrals are always a thing to me and this jumpsuit was so easy to style, it is very elegant, versatile, and the trousers are amazing, the length and style make you look taller and the accessories are always a plus.
I was heading to an event that day, I wanted to look elegant but I also wanted to feel comfortable, I got to change my shoes after, but this was definitely a good choice considering that this jumpsuit stretches a lot so it was easy for me to move, sit down and do all my daily tasks properly without any difficulty.
Nowadays, buying online is one of the best things, honestly, I have found so many good things on websites lately and I really feel the need to share with you guys this brand because you are able to customize all the things you pick and this is how I got this jumpsuit the way I wanted, I choose the cleavage, sleeves and the length on the trousers in Eshakti 
 I also want to share similar options to get this look:


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