Wednesday, January 24, 2018

Get your Wardrobe Ready for Spring

Spring is the prettiest season of all, who else agreed with that? Speaking of which as you may know this is also the month for major sales! This is why today I wanted to share with you guys this great website that currently has thousands of options at incredible prices. Rosegal, For me it's great to share those websites where I can find a tons of options for every season, this is why I organized this wishlist, picking versatile pieces where you can perfectly wear even for winter and also for spring.
Here are my faves:

1. A Khaki Woolen Coat
I love this coat mostly because of the color and the ways it can be paired. It's a classic color that can fit perfectly into winter and spring. 

2. The Cool Wide Leg Suspender Pants
These versatile trousers I considered them as perfect for anytime during the day, the wide leg gives them this cool trendy look with the straps on the top. 

3. All in Pastels
This might not be a winter top as it's sleeveless, but I did fell in love with every single detail of this shirt. Is super feminine, delicate and totally the right color for spring.

4. Sleeves to Die For!
Whenever I found something black & white together I can't ever resist from buying it, this sweater proved that again. The sleeves are incredible! I just imagine of matching it with a coat and showcasing the sleeves out of the coat which will give a unique touch to the entire look.

5. The Must-Have Jumpsuit
Black is a color that will always be on point, I love wearing jumpsuits during the night because they are very elegant, stylish, and comfortable. What I usually do when it's cold outside is to wear a puffy coat and a good pair of gloves.

Hope this is useful for you!
x. Laura


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