Wednesday, January 3, 2018

My Exclusive Artisan Line

Hi, Lovelies! Since I started traveling for my blog, I got inspired to tell my country's culture through fashion. Hence, Sparkle Piece. Last year, during my stay in Colombia I started cooking up an amazing project that I am very excited to share today. Colombia is full of artisans who create extremely high-quality and beautiful products. I am a proud owner of many artisan items. Every time I show artisans work to my European and North American friends, they are immediately interested in buying some pieces but unfortunately, they could not find retailers in their country carrying something similar. Is because of this that last year I wanted to learn more about these artisan products and give them some spotlight on my blog. 

The artisans behind the handbag I am wearing have been making them their whole life by hand, and love it when foreigners appreciate their work. They come from very humble towns and have a hard time getting their bags in the hands of people who understand the work behind it. While chatting with some artisans, I came up with the idea of creating an artisan handbag and accessory company that not only share artisan's story but also their amazing work. This is Castellana. 

I was supposed to wait until May to launch my own product line, but now that I am in Colombia I became so excited that I had to share it. Before May though, I wanted to do something nice for my followers which is why I am opening Castellana for Sparkle Piece followers. Please reach out to me by DM on Instagram ( @sparklepiece) or contact me through my website if you want to get one. I have 50 pieces of these handcrafted bags retailing at $50 USD + Free Shipping to selected countries.

Needless to say, I am extremely excited to be working with amazing artisans who would love to get this international recognition for such an amazing fashion statement. I really look forward to seeing what all of you think and please send me pictures of you wearing them after you buy so I can share them on my Instagram page. 

Thank you for reading!
xx. Laura



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