Sunday, March 25, 2018

5 Ways to Enjoy Spring Season

Happy spring everyone! I actually got to admit that I was waiting for this season for a long time. The reason? Simple.. sunny days, the most perfect weather and all the gorgeous blooms are finally back!

As a big enthusiast of this season, These are the 5 main ways that will make us enjoy spring to the fullest.

1. No more winter coats = More wardrobe options! Now, that winter is over all the layers are off too. I love being able of wearing skirts, dresses, shorts and also the idea of going out in sandals, light shirts, and Blazers it simply makes me so happy!

2. The flowers! Decoring our home is always better in this season, I love buying colorful tulips and peonies in every kind of pink. The environment of coming home never felt better plus strolling around the city is the most beautiful thing with all the cherry blossoms popping out.

3. More & more flower events to assist. A beautiful tradition for every year is attending to tulips and cherry blossom festivals, this plan is amazing to go with friends, family and more even for a date!

4. More strolls and plans around the city. There is no doubt that during winter we prefer staying at home and watch Netflix non-stop, but with spring the amazing weather makes us so happy to go out rather than staying and wasting a day of sun.

5. Outdoor eating is the best! Being able to go to the beach, sitting there reading a book and bringing take-out food is one the most ideal plans to do this season. Plus they also start opening all the balconies of all the restaurants around, I mean like every shade of sun we see it's very appreciated.

Wish you all a great start to the season!
xx. Laura


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