Sunday, April 8, 2018

Seattle Travel Diary + Things to do this Spring

I was impressed of  in Seattle's natural beauty. Honestly I was amazed of how incredible it is to visit this city during Spring. To start, every corner is surrounded by the beauty of  the cherry blossom trees. If you are planning to visit, Washington University must be a place you check on your list. When we arrived, the place was full of people and parking was hard, even though it was totally worth it. I would describe that place as magic, to be honest pictures are nothing compared of how beautiful it is to actually being there.

Moving on to restaurants, another great thing about Seattle, on this trip we decided to try all different kind of places. Starting with The Cheesecake Factory. one of my favorite american restaurants, all the plates are always delicious and their servings sizes are insane!
For Brunch, I recommend The Biscuit Bitch, this restaurant was a random discovery, but a good one. Their plates are basically a mix between eggs, biscuits, bacon and some of them come with mapple. Was our first time there, we waited probably like 30 mins until we got our food, is basically to take and go kind of restaurant.
For Lunch, there's a great korean restaurant called Revel, we ordered different entries like chick pea pancakes, dumplings and the main dish was ramen. Soo good!

Walking around, bar hoping and going to turistic destinations like the space needle are great plans to make in here. There's no better therapy than the combination of eating, shopping and traveling at the same time.

Thanks all for reading! 
If you have any other recommendations please let me know on the comments.
x. Laura 


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