Saturday, August 18, 2018

It's All About Colors During Summer

 Would your summer be completed without wearing happy and vibrant colors? No right?! I adore embracing each season and summer is definitely that time where we can get super creative between different tones. 
One of the best colors to wear I would say it's definitely yellow... and yellow in all of its shades! I styled this look with a petite summer bag that I got from Tory Burch with the mustard, yellow-ish shorts that I bought from Zara. I paired both items with a basic white top to not over saturate the outfit which is really important, in this case, the top is that item that balances the entire look.
In fashion, there is well-known term that says: more is more, but there is always a tiny line between pairing a cool outfit or to look like a clown. To know the difference between these two is really essential. Basically, you need to know which items you are going to highlight and which others are going to make the balance.
For the accessories, I accentuated and polished the look with gold, for the shoes, I opt for summer gladiators and lastly, this rad-one of a kind sunnies that I got from Topshop.
This was one of those summer looks that boosted my energy. Again, this color is amazing!
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x. Laura

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