Friday, August 31, 2018

Things That I do Before a Blog Photoshoot

Happy Friday loves! Today I wanted to share a different kind of post and is basically all the things I  tend to do before shooting pictures around the city either for a brand or when I want to share a really cool look, so these are my 5 essentials : 

1. I pick a good location.
I always love to shoot in places that match my aesthetics, I find this really challenging sometimes because they're so many cool places around! but when it comes to maintaining my feed crisp and clean I always opt for white and marble backgrounds... (if i'm lucky to find one)

2. Shop for props.
I find flowers as one of the most beautiful props to include in a photoshoot (plus you are able to keep them after) they make everything better: the colors, the picture itself and you have something in your hand.. which I also think it's important, because let's accept it... sometimes we don't know what to do with our hands.

3. Fool around, and try to shoot pictures while you are doing the things you are normally doing while you are walking around.. just give the camera to your friend or photographer to capture the best of you!

4. The food reward.
I love ending a photoshoot with a good meal, I always research famous places around the city so I can capture cool photos too. This is also a great way so people can find you on Instagram and also to get reposted by the place you are visiting.

5. Enjoy and forget of social media for a while. 
Having brunch-lunch or dinner after taking pictures is a good therapy, but also to get disconnected for a moment. It's also important to keep a balance and being social with the people we are in front of... is good for you and good for the soul!

Hope this turns helpful for you
x. Laura

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