Monday, July 23, 2018

8 Tips on How to Start the Day with the Best Attitude

Good Morning for the early readers! Today I wanted to share some of my favorite tips on how to start and kick the day with the best attitude.

I got to admit that years before I was not a morning person at all, but as the time went through I started reading books and programs on how to actually being excited of waking up super early,

Let's get started:

1. Try to plan your day the night before. This is essential! In order to keep harmony and your stress levels in a proper way, is very important to know what you will be facing the next day, plus it will make you to organize your time even better. I often plan this on my cellphone or on post it notes so I can remember all my tasks and prioritize them in order of importance.

2. Motivate yourself with a delicious breakfast. I go to bed thinking about next day breakfast, sometimes I leave it ready the night before if I know that I would not have enough time to prepare it. Even though, I love cooking something delicious and a fulfil meal in order to accomplish all the morning duties.

3. Remember to make your bed. It has been scientifically proved that making your bed, lowers your level of stress. Plus, it leads to other many great habits! There is nothing more calm than a tidy space,  remember how something looks, it makes you feel.

4. For those who love to workout, try to start the day by doing exercise. I started doing this once I moved to Canada and I really don't know how I didn't started doing this before because it gives me so much energy!  plus I don't have to think later that I need to go to the gym.

5. Wake up with time! It's so good when you start the day relaxed and with no rush at all. I always set my alarms with enough time to let myself to go to the gym, taking a shower, eating and to get ready for the day.

6. Leave your outfit ready from the night before. This is something that my mom teached me when I started working and it's one of the best tips I have ever heard, sometimes we spend so much time looking for an item that's probably on the laundry room, somewhere else or simply we don't know what to wear! thinking about this will make you save time a lot of time and also you will look much better as you plan your look from the night before.

7.  Try to leave your phone charging and far away from you. There's no better thing that waking up rested and with your phone with 100% of charge. Also, you will not have the chance to snooze and forget your alarm! This had happened to me and is the worst thing! 

8. Listen to positive podcasts and peaceful songs in the early morning. Listening to music or podcasts is something that definitely many of us are used to, this is surely one of the best ways to wake you up and to keep you calm in the morning.

Thank you all for reading! Hope this turns useful for you guys.
x. Laura

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